Design Strategy + Empathy

Jooyoung has led projects around the world to gain consumer understanding in various topics such as how people take a shower, sleep, communicate, eat, listen to music, start their own business, enjoy outdoors, feed their pets, care for their babies, keep medical equipments sterile, save money, donate, retire, ship packages, and manage nuclear pharmaceutical medicine. From this deep dive, she provides consumer insights that lead to innovative design strategies, and actionable frameworks for concept generation. She approaches each project challenge with quick hypotheses and rigorous data analysis to balance intuition and information.

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Design Thinking + Personal Growth

What if we apply the principals of design thinking to our lives? Can we learn from our current and past experiences in order to envision the future “I”? What steps can we take to get there and how can we prioritize tasks today? What are some biases we carry that block us from dreaming the future “I”?

Jooyoung brings her unique background in design thinking and Process based Psychology training together to support individuals and groups in their transformation.


Power, Gender and Race Equity

Women’s leadership. More coming. Looking back and looking forward.