Leadership Coaching & Organizational Development 

I support individuals and groups to find and deepen their own unique leadership styles. I do this by combining my experience in Design Thinking, Process Oriented Psychology, Conflict Facilitation, and Gender and Racial Equity. Before jumping into coaching and working as a consultant, I worked full time at two consultancies working with corporate and non-profit clients and ran a consulting business out of New York City for 15 years. This lived experiences has help me understand the context of various challenges clients face. 

Financial Freedom Coaching

Explore your relationship to money. No, I am not a trained financial advisor and I won’t tell you what to do with your 401K etc. I will help uncover your relationship to money (often very complicated) by going deep: family’s attitudes towards money, biases, feelings and challenges. You won’t start saving money because you downloaded Mint app on your phone. You will develop healthy relationship with money when you truly understand how you relate to money. 

Ritual Design

Design your own marriage, birth and death rituals. I help uncover biases towards these key rituals in life and find your own unique approach. Note that I am not a wedding or funeral planner, and won’t be making venue recommendations. I will however, help you with vision. Read my article about it here.