Provide consumer insights for business and organizations, for UX design process, product development and branding.

  • Bring clarity into whom you are serving and how they want to be served.

  • Provide a deep understanding of people including their motivations and aspirations, and the experience they have with products and services.

  • Provide a clear framework and criteria to help make key decisions.

  • Come up with and prioritize concepts.

  • Lead by design thinking to walk through innovation processes.


People are exerts of their own experiences. Support and empower them to express their ideal experiences.

  • Patterns and insights are hidden in nuances. Listen well, observe what they do and what they don’t do.

  • Good research = a fine balance between validated hypotheses and open-ended explorations.

  • Ethical field research means choosing local businesses when possible and showing respect for participant’s privacy and local culture over Instagram opportunities. It means being aware of our own rank and power, and using it well.

  • Insights and opportunities are key alignment tools for teams. Enrich them with archetypes and user journeys.

  • Informed intuition empowers designers.

  • Collaboration takes time, but yields better results. Trust the process.


My clients vary in their sizes and their field, but all are committed to creating meaningful products and services that are relevant to real people. The industry includes health care, consumer products such as beauty care, home care, skin care, oral care, banking and finances, outdoor retail, technology, automobile, farming etc. Client list available upon request.